Hike Two: Epping Forrest

On a Saturday morning we all met at Liverpool Street at 11:00am- all jolly! We took the train heading to Epping together. Claire, the coordinator, gave us free water bottles which was amazing. We went to the local pub to fill water to keep us hydrated and discussed our schedule for the day. We walked towards the forest, however, when we reached the forest it was windy and very cold and we decided to do some activities to warm up. We played a game by introducing ourselves and by the end of the game we had all learnt everyone’s names. It was amazing and really fun. 

We came across muddy road. Some of the women took some sticks to help themselves to cross from one place to another, the rest were helped by the team and everyone crossed safely. 

We had our lunch break under one big tree which was quite fascinating. It was really big and could fit all of us. We sat on the log and enjoyed lunch.We had sandwiches that were provided by the team and some of the women brought home made sandwiches …

First Hike: Hampstead Heath!

Our first luxury walk was in Hampstead Heath in northwest London, we wanted to explore inaddtion everyone was excited, happy and ready for day. We were also lucky the weather was amazing as we all know in London it can be unpredictable at times.

We walked from Hampstead Station all the way up the hilly park. Our amazing coordinators had packed a lot food/water and we kept on snacking while we walked. We passed through bathing ponds for women and men. Outside It was so green we felt we were at the countryside.

We saw lots of friendly dogs. We felt like we had travelled to a different country. After walking for sometime and chatting we reached the famous Parliament Hill where we could see splendid views across London. It was totally worth the hours we took to get up the hill. We also realised why everyone that visits the Heath falls in love. You could literally meditate if you wanted to- that’s how peaceful we found it. We were all pointing parts of London we lived. 

We walked down into th…

HBF Starts A Women's Hiking Group!

A new initiative of the Helen Bamber Foundation is a women's hiking group!

We are a group of women who are supported by the Helen Bamber Foundation. We are survivors of extreme human cruelty such as human trafficking, torture, negligence and domestic abuse. Despite all the hurdles,we’re determined to climb and finish the three peaks challenge in the UK.
We normally do not have the chance to go out or travel because of financial difficulties. However, with the support of the Helen Bamber Foundation and the volunteers, we’re able to go out and experience outdoors. We also have the opportunity to see different parts of England. This is really good for our mental health.